Date: 10/12/2019
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July 6 Day 5 Wednesday, Ogallala, NE to Rawlins, WY

The campground in Ogallala, Open Corral Camp, was beside the interstate and easy to access. Only 3 campers spent the night in a campground with 48 sites at the height of the season. People must be staying at home. Tonight in Rawlins, WY a much larger park is perhaps 1/3 full. We had to mail a Netflix before our suspend account deadline so we drove into town early and spotted the Hokes Café. 

It opened in June 1949 and hasn't changed a bit since. It was there on the Lincoln Highway when we went by in 1950. I had a great western breakfast. Sorry, the outside photo is blurry but the inside photo is pretty good. We stopped in Cheyenne to visit Walmart and again at the Lincoln Memorial just before Laramie. The memorial is at the highest point on the Lincoln Highway at 8,760 ft. It was downhill from there to Rawlins at 6,915 ft.  Every jar Mavis opens up explodes with the higher air pressure inside the jar. As previously noted we lost 2 wheel covers on Missouri's lousy roads so I removed the remaining two. Last night I cleaned the wheels and they looked a lot better. Tonight I bought some aluminum enamel and painted them and they look even better.

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