Date: 20/09/2020
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July 13 Day 12 Wednesday, Salt Spring Island to Ladysmith, BC


We started the day by spotting the deer across the road from Bob & Judiths.  Breakfast for the second time this week, was fresh eggs from a neighbor's coop. They were really good. Then since it was low tide we walked down Bob's stairway 100 ft or so to the beach. The photo shows some of the dangerous shoals between the island and the shore. The tide is 7 ft high so at high tide these rocks are covered with 2-4 ft of water. Bob has seen 3 groundings already this year.

At noon I attended the Salt Spring Rotary Club. The speaker was a member of the club who described how she wound up on the Island and got a job with Saltspring Air. This company flies 4 deHavilland Beaver seaplanes to various destinations in the islands and is headquartered on Salt Spring Island. We took the Vesuvius Ferry to Crofton and then drove north along the coast stopping in Chemainus. This town was full of people and neat tourist style shops. The town is noted for its large murals on buildings.

There was a market going in a parking lot where we bought some lemon & raisin scones from the "well bred, well read, well fed" bakery.   

At Lady Smith we parked the View in the driveway with a view of the ocean at the home or our friends Dave and Gwen. Along with neighbors Brian and Dale we had a feast of a 17lb Chinook Salmon Dave caught recently in Campbell River. He cooked it on cedar planks.  The photo shows the salmon right out of the barbeque being inspected by Cordon Bleu trained chef, Gwen. It was easily the best tasting salmon we have ever eaten. Dale provided the desert of Swedish Cream with fresh raspberries.  After dinner we watched Mama Mia in Dave's media room. The sound was fantastic.

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