Date: 17/01/2020
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July 14 Day 13 Thursday, Ladysmith to Fair Winds, BC

We awoke to light rain and the view from the View in the photo.. After a walk on the beach we headed northwest for the Coombs Market on the highway to Tofino. This is a really neat place with restaurants, an amazing market, and lots of souvenir shops. Then we went to Fair Winds, a relatively new subdivision of Nanaimo. It is built on a high rocky hill overlooking the Strait of Georgia.  

Queen's University friends, Bob and Heather, have lived here for 12 years. Their daughter, son-in-law and two small children were visiting from Toronto. It turns out they have bought a house and are renovating it just down the street I grew up on in Toronto. Their daughter will be starting kindergarten in the same public school I attended in the 50s. Tonight we had lamb for dinner. It was a nice change from salmon.

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