Date: 30/11/2020
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July 19 Day 18 Tuesday, Prince Rupert, BC to Haines, AK


The Alaska Ferry left at 6:00PM so we had lots of time to look around Prince Rupert after the 11:00AM checkout time at the campsite. We parked downtown on the waterfront near Cow Bay. It's the major tourist attraction in the town with lots of shops and restaurants. We had lunch at the Breakers in a 1940 building that was originally a ships chandlery. The view from its balcony provided a panoramic view of the small boat and commercial fishing boat harbor. Across the street was a sunken garden. Waiting the required 3 hours for the ferry we sat beside a couple in a small Dutch motor home on a Volkswagen chassis. They had it shipped from Holland to South America toured that continent and then drove it from Panama to Prince Rupert. They are going to Prudhoe Bay, AK and on to Oshawa, ON where they will store it for the winter.  We also met a man and his son from Philadelphia riding a pair of classic BMW motorcycles who are also headed for Prudhoe Bay. It's the last trip before the son enters college at the end of August. I gave them one of Andrew's Nashville Motorcycle Repair business cards as BMW motorcycles are bound to need repairs. They were very familiar with the Iron Butt Rally. The ship we are on was built in 1963 and is like moving back in time. It's quite a contrast from the new BC Ferry with bunk beds and not even a chair in the tiny cabin. However, there is no charge to sit in the forward lounge. Our motorcycle friends are camped out with quite a few others in the sun deck on lounge chairs. We'll be on the ferry all day tomorrow arriving in Haines on Thursday morning at 6:15AM Alaska time.  Posted at Petersburg, AK on July 20.

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