Date: 27/02/2020
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July 29 Day 28, Denali National Park

It was hard to get to sleep thinking about our campsite's location high above the river and located on the Denali fault.  In the event of an earthquake the entire RV Park would slide into the river. Fortunately we awoke without incident and headed to the National Park for the Toklat River 6 hour bus tour into the wilderness. The bus looked like a school bus but was quite comfortable.  The driver was very good with lots of commentary until we got to the one lane gravel road section in the rain. In a few minutes the windows were covered with mud. It rained off and on all day and at each stop the driver would clean the windows. Denali wilderness is beautiful with enormous tundra covered valleys carved by glaciers containing braided rivers. We weren't disappointed by the wild life viewing. We saw grizzly bears, caribou, and dall sheep. We even watched a coyote chasing a pair of caribou. The bus driver dropped us off at the Sled Dog Kennels where we watched a demonstration. Dog sleds are used in the winter to patrol the park due to the law requiring vast areas of the park to remain wilderness.  Mt McKinley was hidden by cloud the entire day. Tonight we are at the Riley Creek Campground in the Park.

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