Date: 26/02/2020
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Aug 4 Day 34 Dawson City to Carmacks, YT

Today's drive was 220 miles of mostly pretty boring terrain of scrub spruce trees. The good news is the road is paved and in pretty good shape if you can dodge the occasional pot holes. The first few miles out of Dawson run beside dredge tailings left years ago by a dredge like the one at Chicken. You don't realize the mess the dredges leave until you see it.  There are square miles that look like this. However, remember the dredges reject any rock over 1.5" including gold nuggets. Now people are walking over the tailings with mine detectors. One nugget was recently found this way 3 ft down and currently worth thousands.   After the tailings just before Carmacks is the Five Finger Rapids. It is quite a sight and there is a staircase that goes down the hill with a 1 km path to an overlook. The Five Fingers compare with Tower Rock on the Mississippi.  At Carmacks there is a boardwalk along the Yukon River. We won a certificate from the Mayor for walking the one mile length of the boardwalk. Tomorrow we go to Whitehorse.

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