Date: 26/02/2020
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Aug 10 Day 40 Wednesday Dawson Creek to Hinton, AB

It seems that it is a challenge to nail down the exact location of Mile "0".  Today's photo shows the official cairn for Mile "0" but the actual mile "0" is the center of an inaccessible traffic circle a 100 feet away. It was a long 287 mile day to Hinton made longer by the failure of our turbo resonator. When this part breaks the turbo doesn't get enough air and the engine computer involves LHM mode. LHM stands for "Limp Home Mode". It means you can't drive faster than about 40 miles and hour and 20 on steep hills. As you can see in the right hand photo we had lots of steep hills. I was able to reset the computer a couple of times but I think the leak kept getting worse so we limped into the KOA at Hinton at 4:30PM. I have a spare and if I can't get a mechanic to come and install it tonight, I will try and do it myself. So far I haven't got a call back. Hinton is close to the entrance to Jasper National Park. We stayed here in 2008.

It was also a slow day for photos. The best we could do is show the world's largest beaver statue at Beaver Lodge, AB. The lighting was bad so the best photo is of the world's largest beaver tail.

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