Date: 27/02/2020
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Aug 16 Day 46 Tuesday Minot, Casselton, ND

The route today took us southeast on US 53 to I-94. We stopped at Casselton about 20 miles west of Fargo. We took only 28 photos, the lowest number yet for a whole day. Leaving Minot the flood waters still remain in the fields. We went buy the KOA and it must have been under a lot of water. We had to go out of our way to go through a number of beautiful old farm towns because US52 bypasses them. The home photo was taken in Carrington, ND. 

The wind was very strong today and as there were lots of clouds' shadows crossing road we were able to measure the wind speed at the clouds altitude.  We clocked the shadows moving at 45 mph.  The fields most of the way were covered with sun flowers and wheat. Only when we hit I-94 did we start to see corn. Now there were billboards that said "Be an American Use Ethanol", and "Ethanol Starts Easy".  It's hard to believe the stuff on  billboards today.

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