Date: 26/02/2020
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Aug 23 Tue, Iowa City, IA to Carlock, IL

We really liked the Colony Campground last night near Iowa City. It was well off the Interstate and close to the Hoover Presidential Library, Museum, and Birthplace. I chose the Kamp Komfort at Carlock for tonight because on the map it looked like it was well off the Interstate. It was a couple of miles from the interchange but turned out to be squashed between the Interstate and a railroad track.   We spent the morning with President Hoover in West Branch Iowa where he was born in a tiny house in 1874. He was orphaned at 10 and raised by relatives in Iowa and Oregon. He studied mining engineering at Stamford and got a job with a gold mining company in Australia. He soon found a rich seam and made a lot of money there and later with his mining consulting business. In WWI he gave up engineering and help figure out how to feed millions of starving children and families in Europe. Entering politics as Secretary of Commerce in 1921 he introduced regulation of such mundane but common items as tires. He was elected President by a landslide in 1928 but soon became the scapegoat for the market crash and depression and lost to FDR in 1932. Hoover never retired and wrote books in his Waldorf Astoria suite until he died at 90 in 1964. Speeches he gave in the 30's could have been given today. Little has changed in government.

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