Date: 31/05/2020
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TrawlerFest Baltimore 2011

Next week (Oct 4-10, 2011) we head for Baltimore Harbor  in the View. I will be speaking twice at TrawlerFest on Friday morning. My talks are titled "Cruising America's Great Loop" and "Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family - Alternatives to the Post Card". Click here to see the full program. In the afternoon we will tour in the water boats, have dinner with the attendees, and then head back early Saturday. We will take 3 days to get to Baltimore and 3 days to get back. On Monday, Oct 3rd, the View makes a service call to Neely Coble Freightliner to get an oil change, transmission oil change and new shocks.  Hopefully the new shocks will reduce the rolling on curbs and improve handling in high winds.

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