Date: 16/12/2019
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Why Wind Advisories & Small Craft Warnings are issued for Kentucky Lake

On Sunday April 15th, Bob and Mavis with two friends needed to return to Kenlake  Marina from Green Turtle Bay Marina. The weather forecasters had issued a Wind Advisory. This means winds of 25 to 39 MPH and gusts of 35 to 57 mph are expected. Coming out of Green Turtle Bay it was windy but there were no waves. The canal between Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake was flat calm but making the port turn into Kentucky Lake the lake was a  sea of breakers. Expecting rough water we put anything in the cabin that could slide around in safe places. However, we didn't expect the 40" TV would rock back and forth so it was quickly disconnected and placed flat on the floor. It is on cruises like this you realize how important hand holds and hand rails are. 

Check out the 18 second YouTube video here. The video was taken in high definition with an iPhone 4s. 

You can also access the video from a smart phone using the QR Code shown at right:


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