Date: 01/06/2020
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May 29-May 30 Hop Bottom, PA to New Paris, OH


Tuesday we spent the entire day in Pennsylvania heading west on I-81 and I-76 to the Pittsburgh KOA. It was being renovated and was very muddy. However, it still had the typical high price for a KOA. Wednesday we stopped to see the Columbus Park of Roses. All kinds of trees helped set off the roses. There were acres of roses. 

After Columbus we continued west and south to Spring Mill State Park in Indiana. What a great place. Lunch was at a Jewish delicatessen in Germantown as we couldn't find a German restaurant. The tower in the photo at left was across the road from the delicatessen.

Then we drove to New Paris, Ohio and stayed at an excellent park built around a quarry called Natural Springs Resort.


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