Date: 24/10/2020
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Jan 31-Feb 3 Blue Spring to Ft Lauderdale

Peach Melba at La Bonne Crepe Peach Melba at La Bonne Crepe We split the trip from Blue Spring to Ft Lauderdale and spent one night at a huge, 452 sites, RV Park in Ft Pierce called the Road Runner Travel Resort. It actually was quite nice, quiet, and well maintained. There are lots of park homes and a few transient sites. Friday we arrived at Yacht Haven RV Park and Marina. My Nikon S9300 camera was acting up taking more out-of-focus photos than in-focus.  We stopped at a Costco and I broke a 10 year promise to never buy another Sony product. I made the promise after buying a Barbara Streisand CD that could not be put on my iPod. I got the Sony DSC-WX150 that is smaller and lighter than the Nikon and so far in over 200 photos there was only one out of focus due to movement. Today's blog photos were all taken with the new camera. Saturday I gave my Great Loop talk to a standing room only crowd of 62 potential loopers. It was a great crowd and almost all stayed to the very end. Yesterday we took the water taxi tour around the harbor.  We had lunch with our friends Marsha & Larry for the third time now at La Bonne Crepe. The new camera has a special setting for food photos. How much better it makes food look I don't know because the photo here was taken with the scene setting. We watched the SuperBowl at Larry's timeshare suite.  What a game!! I held out for the Ravens to win against three others in the suite. Larry's theory was that the 49er's caused the power failure, however, it didn't let them win. Our next stop is with Susan & Greg in Key Biscayne.

Magnolia Over Dock at Yacht Haven  Yacht Haven Yachts and RVs 

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