Date: 20/01/2020
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Feb 11-13 Homosassa Springs to St Joseph Peninsula State Park

We took a brief tour of Homosassa Springs before heading north. The town is old Florida with some neat homes and the series of springs. One attraction is a sugar mill built inĀ 1849. Sugar was a big crop in the 19th century and because of the large amount of waste in extracting the sugar from the cane it was done close to the farms. A steam powered press extracted juice from the cane. The juice was then boiled in big iron pots eventually producing cakes of sugar. We arrived at St Josephs Peninsula State Park Tuesday at noon. The weather was clouding and there was lots of wind. Today was a repeat of yesterday's weather, a good day for beach photos, and to get work done. We are in a wilderness with no TV, and almost no Internet. But, we do have power and water at the campsite.

St Josephs Peninsula State ParkBeach at St Joseph Penninsula State ParkDunes at St Joseph Peninsula State Park

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