Date: 02/06/2020
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Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 1






                 US 45 at Mississippi Border                                                 Benchmark Coach & RV Park Tupelo

We are taking a 10 day trip to Gulfport MS to speak at the Gulf Coast Boat Show. It's advertised as the biggest boat show on the Gulf Coast.  That says a lot when you consider the Gulf Coast provides the shoreline for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.  We left Nashville at 8:30, stopped at the boat to pick up some stuff, packed the View in Murray, filled up with water and were on the road again at noon.  The 189 mile route from Murray, KY  to Gulfport went to Paris, and  Jackson, TN where we got on US 45.  This is a great 4 lane road that runs almost straight south to Meridian MS. If you stay on US 45 it goes to Mobile, AL From Meridian we will take I-59 and US 49  to Gulfport.  Diesel is selling at $3.79 the best price we have seen in  long time.  The Mississippi visitor center on US 45 is very nice and friendly. However, most visitor centers are on the right side as you enter the state. This one is on the east of the highway requiring 4 left turns to get to it.  We stopped at Tupelo for the night at a very nice campground, Full service sites at $29 cash or check.  This area is Civil War country with sites at Shilo, Corinth, and Tupelo.  Tomorrow we will visit the Auto Museum here and maybe Elvis birthplace.

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