Date: 22/01/2020
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Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 10-11 Natchez Trace to Nashville

We took 2 days to cover the 672 miles stopping overnight at Tupelo.  The main purpose of our route was to follow the Natchez Trace, a National Scenic Parkway, from Jackson to Nashville, a distance of 476 miles. The Trace is incredibly relaxing to drive with a speed limit of only 50 miles per hour. There was hardly any traffic in either direction. The tree leaves were just starting to come out along with a few redbuds in Tennessee. Due to the slow speed we averaged 19.7 mpg a new record. There are many places to stop and see nature or historical places. The pictures tell the story best. A few years back we camped beside some art boats going down the Mississippi River. The Art Camper reminded us of those boats and gave us a name to use. The camper was owned by an elderly man that was camped in the free Meriwether Lewis Campground. There is a map of the Trace at the bottom left of the page here. Click on View Park Map.

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