Date: 14/12/2018
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Utah Loop 2013, Day 1 Nashville to Poplar Bluff

We drove the car to the shed in Murray, packed our stuff into the View, and headed for Kenlake Marina. We met with our marine technicians Tami and Rick. They are installing a new AC Unit in the main salon and had some questions about where to put the control panel. The 32 year old unit sounded like a diesel engine when it was running. We then took the Katy Leigh over to the pump out facility which is now working very well and put the boat back in its slip. It seems a massive catfish had passed away under our neighbor’s boat Harmony and was stuck under the stern. With some effort it was dragged out, floated to the channel, and hopefully will wind up under someone elses boat. I was tempted to take a photo but it would have been too disgusting for our audience so I forgave the opportunity. By 3:00PM it was time to get started on the road and we drove to Poplar Bluff arriving at 6:10PM. Today the sky formed the most exciting scenes on the trip (see photo). We are in a very good campground called Camelot. Tomorrow I hope to get to Falls River State Park near Wichita.

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