Date: 27/06/2022
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Utah Loop 2013 Day13 Kanab to Grand Canyon North Rim

We picked a good day to visit the canyon. It’s an 80 mile drive and we were there in under 2 hours. The description that follows was written by my father of our family's 1950 visit and is much better than anything I could write.

"A three hour drive brought us to the north rim of the Canyon and there it was, the most beautiful panorama that can be imagined. It has a hazy unreal look, differing from every viewpoint, a natural kaleidoscope of color and formation. Unlike other eroded areas it has a great forest of Ponderosa pine at the crest. There are The high altitude (9100 ft.) and clear pine-scented air all contribute to its beauty. The Grand Canyon Lodge on the bank of the Canyon provides a variety of accommodation from tent and trailer camps to luxurious suites. Our log cabin near the main lodge was not more than 150 feet from the Canyon edge but built in among the pine trees.

As the Grand Canyon was one of the main objectives on our trip we decided to forget Mr. Abbott (Canadian Minister of Finance in 1950) temporarily and celebrate by having a grand dinner and to hell with expense. For this purpose we lined up outside the dining room of the lodge and waited for a half hour until the curtains were drawn back revealing the waitresses all lined up against the backdrop of the view of the Canyon through the huge windows. The setting couldn't have been more appropriate for such a special celebration. The waitresses sang a chorus and then the guests swept down the grand staircase into the dining room and were placed at large round tables. The other guests at our table were very pleasant people, one couple from California and the other from New York. Then the anti-climax came in one of the poorest meals we were served anywhere on the trip. Poor Bob, after being warned that this time he was not to demand a hamburger, found he had meat that defied the most aggressive efforts of the knife. After dinner there was a good musical show in the auditorium that the children enjoyed while Marion and I gazed at the Canyon under brilliant moonlight.

The lesson here seemed to be that Grand Canyon Lodge is long on scenic grandeur and entertainment but short on food. Best results there are obtained by taking your own food and eating it under the pines in the beautiful park, which is well equipped with fireplaces and fresh water."

The good news is that we had lunch in that same dining room and the food today had improved greatly after 63 years.  We couldn’t get a cabin or campsite so we drove back to Kanab. The big surprise was a travelling carnival opened in the evening right beside our campground.

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