Date: 30/09/2022
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Oct 2 Day 4 Tennessee River to Florence Harbor


Startup Delays


Our 8:00AM plan to leave turned into 10:00AM.   I needed to wait for Grand Harbor harbormaster, Barry to arrive to register and talk business. He has started his “Looper’s Fantastic Fall Fuel Frenzy” which offers a 25 cent  per gallon discount on fuel.  I had to take advantage of that deal even though we were ¾ full after 3 days cruising. Then we needed a pump out.  It seems the aft holding tank vent was plugged up so it took a long time to clear the blockage so we could finish the job. I have to order a new filter.

PassageYacht – A Dutch Canal Boat

An interesting boat was near us.  It looked like the kind of boats that are sold in the USA that are made in Turkey.  I toured one at the last TrawlerFest and was not impressed.   I checked out boat’s website at and changed my tune.  This boat was custom made in the USA and has beautiful woodwork in the interior.  The two tall dry exhaust stacks serve the diesel engine and genset. The design is based on Dutch canal boats.

Startup Problems

Vebbie and Roger stayed behind awaiting a mechanic to try and solve their dead engine battery problems.  The mechanic didn’t show up but Roger called the former owner’s mechanic and got a big surprise.  It seems the engine alternators feed the house batteries and not the engine batteries. The only way to charge the engine batteries is to run the generator.  It’s hard to believe any owner would make that change to the boat’s original wiring. Anyway, my jumper cables got them started and the generator ran the whole way and charged the batteries. They arrived at Florence about 3 hours behind us.

Pickwick Lake Cruising

 The weather was perfect with the sun sparkling on the water. Pickwick Lake is very beautiful with its wide stretches, and clean water.  Pickwick Lake is much like Kentucky Lake but doesn’t have nearly as many coves for anchoring.  The trip to Florence was smooth and we arrived at 3:30PM.

Famous Visitor & Great Food

Our friend and famous Florence author, Fred Myers, with his wife Joanie, visited us at 5:30PM. We publish Fred’s CruiseGuides and sell them in the shop on this website.  After much discussion all six of us went to the new restaurant on the dock called “Stanfield’s River Bottom Grille”.  I am not sure that is the best name for a restaurant but the food was very good.  Maybe gross attracts the millennials. We sat outside on the deck it was quieter than inside where music was playing for the younger set. We had breaded pickle chips, burgers, and flats.  I wanted to see a Cheeseburger Slider but no one would order that. Apparently sliders are tiny hamburgers.  The portions were huge and we all went back to the boats stuffed. We are staying here for another day and will see the town tomorrow.

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