Date: 22/02/2020
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Oct 8 Day 10 Cruising the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee

Quote from Fred Myers' CruiseGuide

We left Hales Bar without running aground although at one place the sonar showed less than 1 ft. under the keel. Then it was spectacular scenery all the way to town with high mountains on both sides of the winding river. You have to travel 33 miles to get 13 miles from where you started. There is some great stuff in Fred Meyer’s Tennessee River CruiseGuide that I enjoy reading each time we make this trip. For example at daymark 445.8 Fred says “Don’t be surprised if your depthfinder shows water as deep as 135 feet. One reason for this extreme depth is that the river follows an ancient earthquake fault.  This part of the river is known as “The Pan”. Names given to other troublesome stretches include “The Skillet”, “The Pot” and “The Suck”. The boatmen chose those names because the boatmen thought the boiling and swirling water reminded them of food being cooked.”


After lunch aboard we walked up the stair step waterfall to the aquarium.  Then we crossed the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge, did a loop around the park there, and returned to have dinner at the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar. The sun was setting behind the waterfall beside the dock and I caught Vebbie and Mavis walking past.

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