Date: 01/04/2020
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Oct 21 Day 23 Fog, Boats, White Pelicans, & Eagles

This was our last day on the Tennessee River Chattanooga Cruise. The day got off to a good start with Pebble Isle’s fresh, hot, cinnamon buns. Mavis ate hers aboard the Katy Leigh. We arrived at Kenlake Marina at mile 42 at 3:00PM and packed the car. We made it home just before sunset at 6:00PM. All was well at the house and the DVR was 96% full of new programs it had saved during the 23 days we were away.


It was a good day to get boat photos as they passed by the Katy Leigh. Roger and Vebbie travelled with us on "Hattitude". The Great Harbour looks a lot like a Krogen Whaleback Trawler except for the black logo below the pilot house. When I talked to the captain on the VHF he corrected me. 


The fog was all on the water today, just a few feet above the surface so we had no difficulty.

White Pelicans and Eagles

The most spectacular sight was a large flock of While Pelicans coming in for a landing around mile 75 in the Tennessee National Migratory Wildlife Refuge. White Pelicans have a wing span of 9 ft. and fly majestically, evenly spaced,  in a formation. This photo only shows a small fraction of all we saw.  It was very hard to get any kind of photo as the birds were on the other side of the river and I had to shoot through the window. I just had to guess if I would capture any on “film “.  They also disappeared and landed behind the islands.  At mile 56 there is shoal that is now showing with the water nearly at winter pool.  Standing on the shoal is what looked like a pair of mature eagles. 

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