Date: 30/09/2022
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Billings- Glendive, MT Pacific Coast Tour Sept 9

Not Again!

I walked the RV Park's nature trail to the Yellowstone River before we left this morning. It's a swiftly moving river with lots of water.  The park also had the most beautiful dump station we have ever seen. On the way out of the park the View's engine surged a few times and had some other peculiar behavior. I decided I wasn't going risk having another breakdown on the highway so we went back to the Mercedes Benz shop. Another View was in the shop waiting for the mechanics who were out being photographed. We had a nice talk with the View's owners who were from Ames IA. There problem was a wheel speed sensor. When it broke they got lots of warning lights, but only lost use of the cruise control and the ABS brakes.  A part had to be ordered for them so they had to wait till Wednesday. I suggested they visit the Yellowstone Art Museum. Our unit went in next and after an hour or so the news came that there was insufficient transmission oil. It seems that we had lost so much oil that various cavities had not yet filled with oil on Monday. After another road test we were back on the highway at 11:30AM. This Mercedes repair center gives priority to travelers and we only had to wait a few minutes to get service.

I-90 in Eastern Montana

I-90 runs beside the Yellowstone River for miles. The scenery is mostly wilderness except near the river where the land is often irrigated.  Our speaker at the YAM on Sunday had photos of abandoned farm buildings. What impressed him was how the machinery still sits intact beside the buildings.

Green Valley Campground, Glendive, MT

 Instead of going as far as Medora in North Dakota, I decided to go to Glendive, MT. Wnen we arrived the RV Park I had chosen using no longer existed. The next choice was Green Valley Campground. This park sets a new standard as the junkiest park ever. The only site available was behind a trailer that was not being used. I had to park sideways so I could reach the power outlet. Since we are now close to Williston, ND every available site is occupied by fracking oil people and others building the infrastructure. You take what you can get and consider yourself lucky. Tomorrow, I hope we can get far enough east to be able to find lots of campsites.  We hope to visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Visitor Center in Medora tomorrow morning.

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