Date: 19/10/2020
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Last Three Days - Pacific Coast Tour Sept 14-16

Madison University of Wisconsin

Sunday we left early to visit our granddaughter at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  She had started there two weeks before as a freshman. The campus is beautiful located alongside Lake Medota. We walked along a path beside the water to the Campus Center and downtown shopping area. Most of the downtown area we saw is college student type restaurants.  We had lunch at an Asian restaurant which provide me with a huge plate of beef for $13 or so. I would have been better off with the orange chicken that Mavis picked.  

Rockford Blackhawk Valley Campground

We left at 3:00PM and drove to Blackhawk Valley Campground near Rockford. Family owned It is well off the Interstate and in a beautiful valley beside the Kishwaukee River.


Sport Chassis Rally, Marion, IL

Monday we drove to Marion Il and stayed at another family owned very good campground, Marion Campground & RV Park. It is beside the Interstate but far enough away that the noise didn't bother us. There was a Rally going on there of the Sport Chassis Owners Association.  Sport Chassis are custom built Freightliner trucks that mostly tow 5th Wheel Trailers. They are very impressive! There were 7 when we were there. A much smaller group than our View/Navion group. I would have enjoyed talking to one of the group but they all stayed inside. The one in the middle of the photo was the leader of the group and came down from Manitoba. It was the only one with the big grill to fend off bison, moose, and deer. These grills are common on trucks in Alaska. This park gets a lot of business from Manitoba snow birds heading south for the winter.

Tuesday we put the View away in our shed in Murray, picked up the car, stopped at the boat to drop stuff off and headed for home in Nashville.


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