Date: 10/08/2022
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Our New Winnebago 2016 Trend 23B

We traded in our Winnebago View and took possession of a 2016 Trend 23B on May 5, 2015. We had the View 23B for 7 years and enjoyed it for 92,000 miles. The following review compares our 2007 View to the 2016 Trend and explains why the Trend was a good choice for us. Click on any photo to enlarge it.


The 2016 Trend is a dream to drive compared to the 2007 View.  The Trend is much quieter, less prone to sway from passing trucks and going over speed bumps at any angle.  I can hear the radio now at 62 mph which was hopeless on the View. In its day diesel was the only way to go with the View but the gas engine in the Trend is very quiet, it has a 6 speed transmission which shifts very smoothly compared to the View.  The rear view mirrors on the Trend are much larger than the View and make it safer to drive. The lower part of both mirrors is a convex mirror which provides a view of the blind spot on both sides. In its day the premium price of diesel was closer to gas and diesel was much more efficient. Now gas is $2.35 per gallon and diesel is $2.85. Our View consistently achieved 16.1 mpg with the first tank of gas on the Trend delivered 13.6 mpg.  (Score Trend 5, View 3)


The Trend has only four wheels vs six on the View.  I could could write a whole page on the problems with measuring tire pressures on the View, with valve stem issues, and wheel covers that fell off. The Trend's wheels are solid aluminum so there are no wheel covers.  The Trend has an invisible tire pressure monitoring system but so far the only way to test it is to let the air out of the tires.  The manual says there will be a warning if the pressure is too low.  I will just use a tire pressure gauge to check the tires.  (Score Trend 5, View 2)


The View had bunk beds at the back in fixed positions.  We really liked them and the storage space underneath was amazing.  The bunk beds were in a separate area. There even was a curtain you could hang to make the bunk area private. We never used it, but at times Mavis liked to read at the dinette after I got in my top bunk.  The top bunk had very little air space which took a while to get used to.  The Trend has a loft bed which is lowered down electrically so the amount of air space above is adjustable at the expense of whoever is underneath. This is mainly the long couch or lower bunk and the dinette table. We spent two nights so far and the bunk situation is workable.  (Score Trend 3/View 5)


 The outside awning on the Trend is really special. The View awning was such a hassle to put up or take down it was rarely ever used. The Trend goes up and down silently with the press of a button. There is strip of LEDs on the roller that light up the patio area under the awning.  Both awning supports are high enough that I don't walk into them anymore. (Score Trend 5, View 1)


Cruise Control

The cruise control on the View was a wand that was easily moved up to set and speed up, and down to slow down. You pull it toward you to resume or away from you to disengage.  The Trend has a wand with a switch you rotate to turn on the cruise control, press down to set and up to speed up. There is a button on the end of the wand to resume. The Trend control gets mixed up with the separate wand for the turn indicators and lights control. I liked the View design better. (Score Trend 3, View 4)

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Winnebago says the DRL are standard, Chrysler says Winnebago didn't order them. This is a major boondoggle in my mind since Canada law requires them. They are also a proven safety feature on two lane roads and Interstates(if someone is going the wrong way). The only practical solution is to leave all lights on all the time or to order fog lights to be installed by a Dodge ProMaster dealer.  I have opted to pay for the fog lights. (Score Trend 0, View 5)

Gas Spring

When you open the coach door a 15 pound gas spring literally tears the door out of your hand and opens the door to a stopping point. If anyone is standing on the step they will be flattened by the door. Pulling the door shut requires a lot of strength to reload the gas spring.   I am hoping Cullum & Maxey can find a 5 pound spring that will do the job just as well. The View had a rod you inserted into two hooks to keep the door open without swinging. A simpler solution but only if the rod was not misplaced. (Score Trend 3, View 3)

Coach Door Window

The door window is frosted glass which means you can't tell who is knocking on the door, friend or foe. This problem is compounded by the gas spring described above.  Motorhome magazine just wrote a story on how to replace this window with a smoked glass window for about $150. That looks like the best solution. (Score Trend 2, View 5)

Water Pump

The water pump that comes with the unit is very noisy. We replaced the water pump on our boat with a variable speed pump that is about 200% more expensive but well worth it. We did the same on the View and now on the Trend. (Score Trend 1, View 1)




The View came with a ladder on the back that allowed you to climb to the roof.  It also provided a place to mount clamp on supports for a flag pole.  The Trend does not come with a ladder nor will Winnebago supply or install one. Since the main thing we ever used the ladder for was the flag pole, Cullum & Maxey agree to screw the supports into the back surface of the Trend. This problem was solved easily. (Score Trend 4, View 5)

Power Cord Storage

The power cord storage on the View is under a lift up fiberglass door on the bottom of the unit. It is hard to get at. The Trend has a small storage bin behind a door at waist level. It is much easier to use than the View's cabinet. The Trend design is far superior on this point. (Score Trend 5, View 1)



The View in storage depletes the chassis battery after about 30 days. This occurs because of the parasitic load from the step computer.  When you return you have a dead battery. I had to add a solenoid device from Trik-L-Start that eliminated the problem by allowing the power convertor to charge the coach battery. Since the View was always plugged in when in storage this worked well. This solenoid failed last summer resulting in the alternator not being able to charge the house batteries when we were underway. The ProMaster engine has an easy to get at clip under the hood (photo center) where a trickle charger's positive lead can be attached. The negative lead connects to a ground point. This same clip is used if a jump start is required. That is the solution for the Trend . . . much simpler, cheap, and just as effective. (Score Trend 4, View 2)


The View had four steps to get to the floor level of the coach. The Trend has three steps to get to the floor level. The floor is flat from end to end because the Trend is front wheel drive. The View has a step down in the cab because of the drive shaft.  The Trend is easier to get into. It also has a step on each side of the cab. The View did not have these at all. (Score Trend 5, View 3)


The View had two holding tanks for black and grey waste. The two tanks were separated by the rear axle so there were two dump valves separated by about eight feet.  This meant having to move the unit and the dump hose whenever dumping the holding tanks.  The Trend connects the two tanks together with two valves and a single dump port. (Score Trend 5, View 1)



The View had twice the storage space of the Trend.  Over the years we gradually reduced the stuff we carried and should be able to live with the storage available on the Trend. The 2016 Trend has a major improvements in storage compared to prior year models. There is an outside door on the passenger side (left photo) that uses space under a dinette seat and adds a plastic tub for even more room underneath the floor. It's great place for heavy tools. The other outside door (right photo) is at the back and I have made plywood shelves which make it easy to store our flag pole, chairs, table, dump hose, 20 leveling blocks, space heater, and more.  The space under the mid-ship dinette seat is much larger than before because a large seat belt anchor has been removed and replaced with more sensible anchors.  The arrangement of the TV and microwave has been improved with six 15 inch deep drawers.  There is a small cabinet between the TV and microwave, and a space under the TV for a Blu-ray player and/or a satellite receiver. There is lots of room in this cabinet for DVDs, remote controls, etc.  The niche space beside the entrance door on the older models is gone.  (Score Trend 3, View 5)

Floor Space

The Trend has more floor space between galley and the fridge.  The View had less space between the galley and the bathroom which meant you could not pass someone without bumping into them. (Score Trend 4, View 2)



We ordered the Trend with the fabric upholstery rather than the ultraleather.  We really like the fabric and compared to the wild spots on the View upholstery (left photo) it is much better (right photo) with a lot of stitching to avoid wrinkles after several years. The View fabric was really tough and even wine spills came out easily. We have yet to spill wine on the Trend fabric. (Score Trend 5, View 2)


I always joked about the View that it had never had a slide-out failure.  I will continue with this story for the Trend (Score Trend 5, View 5)

Final Score

One of the Winnebago product engineers told me at a rally two years ago that in his opinion the View 23B was probably the best designed Class C ever. The 2016 Trend 23B has exceeded my expectations and in my opinion is an even better design.  (Score Trend 73%. View 64%)



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