Date: 05/06/2020
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Trailer Park; It's Just a Place To Spend the Night

The top photo is the magnificent entrance road to Olive Branch Campground where we spent last night. Even though the campground is just  a few hundred yards from I-71 there is no truck noise due the thick woods along the entrance road. Olive Branch was a top of the line Resort Park.

Now look at the trailer park we are in tonight and tomorrow night. We dug up the mud on the way in to our site. It seems that on weekends everything is full all along the Lake Erie coast. This was all we could get. The residents appear to be mostly full timers in beat up old trailers. There is a cloud of cigarette smoke much of the time. Lots of yelling and name calling. However, the camp ground is located just 3 miles from the ferry. The park host recommends we take a taxi and leave our Trend here. Later he said it is $8 per person each way to go three miles. More than the ferry. Once on the South Bass Island we can rent a golf cart to get around and see the National Park at Put-In-Bay. Our last memory of this place is when we went by Put-In-Bay on the Katy Leigh on our way to Kentucky Lake in the spring of1999. Here is another photo of the derelect unit beside us.

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