Date: 06/10/2022
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Magdalen Islands Arrival

The Ferry Ride

The departure at 2:00AM didn't happen due to some kind of engine problem. We finally left at 4:00AM after 14 hours in the parking lot listening to the racket from the transport trucks. We watched a long DVD movie and then tried to sleep with little success. I used my hand held GPS to measure our speed and see our position on its chart plotter.  I could tell the captain was trying to make-up for lost time as we were making 20 mph. As soon as the ship left Souris they turned off the cabin lights we had to search for seats that had enough light so we could read and a window ledge for the GPS so it could see the satellites. Mavis makes fun of me for reading the kids book "Anne of Green Gables" but it is quite interesting. The sun came up at 5:00. By 6:00 we could see ahead the first of the Magdalens, Ile de Entrée (Entry Island).  It is a rocky island with high cliffs and is not connected to the other islands. The ship's cafeteria opened at 7:00 AM and served disapointing coffee with bacon and eggs. We docked at 8:00AM and drove to our camp site, Parc de Gros-Cap. It is on a peninsula with water on three sides. There are few trees on the island and the wind blows all day long. I clocked it this morning at 15.8 mph.

Parc de Gros-Cap

We managed to sleep for about 1.5 hours and then walked all around the very scenic campsite. This place is very popular with kite boarders since there is always wind and the water is shallow. In the photo our unit is 4th from the right. Our site faces west and the kite boarding area. At one point I counted 13 kites.  The black semi-circles are the kites and the splash in the water is the rider and board. The park warden at Greenwich National Park told us the island is just like PEI but flatter with no trees. He is wrong there are trees but they are stunted from the wind. The red cliffs are sandstone and everywhere.




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