Date: 06/10/2022
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Third Day on Magdalen Islands

Ferry Schedule Mixup

Today I decided to check our return schedule to Nova Scotia. It seems I booked the ferry to Souris PEI at the same hour as the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia. The ideal change was to take an earlier ferry to Souris but there were no available reservations. This meant staying another night at the Gros-Cap RV park.  They have no sites with power available. We can either find another park or just spend the night in the ferry parking lot. We were able to get a site at another park so we don't need to spend a night in the ferry parking lot. I have requested the 8:00 PM ferry to Nova Scotia be delayed to the next day at 8:00 AM. If that doesn't work we will cancel the Nova Scotia ferry and go by the PEI to New Brunswick Bridge.

It Helps to Have a Guidebook

Today we did something we should have done when we arrived on the island. We went to the Visitor Center at the ferry dock and got a guidebook in English. It has the maps we need to find our way around the islands. Near the Visitor Center is a view point on top of a hill with a staircase to the top. Mavis climbed right to the top while I went up to the first platform. (see photos). After the climb using the guidebook we headed north on Hwy 199 and covered 4 different islands over a distance of 37 miles. The roads on the islands range very from very good to terrible. They are always paved but the cold winters play havoc with the surface. The roads in town are the roughest. The roads are lined with power poles on both sides so it's had to get good photos without wires. Grosse-Ile has an underground salt mine owned by K&S Windsor. There are miles of dunes beside the road.


La Salicorne

Our final stop was Grande Entrée where the visitor center lady had advised us to have dinner at La Salicorne. This is a hotel, restaurant, and interpretive center on seals. We got there at 5:00 PM and were advised that the dining room opened at 6:00PM. We were further advised that unless we had a reservation we couldn't sit near the windows or order from their special menu.  That was fine with us. We ordered the seal sausage appetizer so we could say we had eaten seal. It apparently tastes like liver. Mavis ordered the lobster roli and I ordered a sea food medley. Both were very good. Our waitress never did deliver the seal sausage or the beer I had ordered. We skipped desert and coffee and left at 7:10 PM.  We got back as the sun was setting just before the rain and thunder began.

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