Date: 30/09/2022
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Fifth Day on Magdalen Islands

Entry Island Cruise

We checked out of the Gross-Cap campground and headed for the Excursions terminal. We paid for our tickets and boarded the boat for Entry Island at 10:00 AM. The boat is about 40 feet long and made of fiberglass. The captain and cruise guide spoke good English and were very nice to us. The captain even helped us get the Trend parked on the dock. Entry Island is 10 miles from the Cap Aux Meules port. We left port at 10:00AM and headed south. The seas were 2-3 ft and the ride was comfortable. The greatest water depth is 55 ft deep but there are many shoals and reefs in the area. Over the years 100's of ships have floundered coming to the Magdalen Islands. Coming in to the harbor and Entry Island is very tricky with strong winds and the need for sharp turns to get into the dock. The harbor is protected with the concrete jacks.


Entry Island Hike

Our first stop was the Chez Brian Josie restaurant where we were too late for breakfast. I settled for a western sandwich and Mavis had fish & ships. We had a great conversation with the staff and locals who were especially interested in the US political scene. The most focal man was born on Entry Island but spent years on the mainland and in the USA. He is now back living on the island and imported a hovercraft from Germany. The thing to do on the island is to climb Big Hill. It is the highest point in the Magdalens at 581 feet.  You walk up hill about 1.5 miles to get to the base of the hill. Then it is very steep and while not so bad to climb up it is a real challenge to come back down.  Several people on the boat went to the top but we stayed at the base. There is an electric fence that keeps the cows from getting to the village and a step stile to safely cross the live wires. On the way to Big Hill you pass by a beautiful old Anglican Church.



Return Cruise

The wind was really blowing on the way back and our tour boat bounced around quite a bit. Our cruise guide was amazing at being able to give her presentation without losing her balance or hanging on to anything. We spent the night at the Barachois campground  in Fatima where we had a great view of the surf and sunset.  

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