Date: 06/10/2022
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Our Third RV Trip to Grand Marais MN and the Condo in Brockville ON

Nashville Floods

Hurricane Harvey was a disaster for Houston and other towns along the Texas Coast. Nashville was on the tail end dropping 5.5 inches. We had set up a barrier to keep the water from going in our basement, but the barrier failed when the flood water in the driveway pushed the barrier out of the way and brought in 17 inches of water. We were up till 2:00AM pumping out the water with a pump our neighbor loaned us. With the water out of the way Mavis took the next 3 days to clean up the silt. Our dehumidifier had quit with the flood and we bought two new onesAfter , one for the basement and the other for the main floor. We had 5 more days to get packed for the trip and be ready for Irma which was scheduled to hit after we would be gone.  We bought a sump pump like the one we had borrowed and put it in place and a 12x2x6 board to hold back the water bag barriers. We also added 4 bags of sand around the ends of the 12 water bag barriers.  Mavis lined up a neighbor to keep an eye on things and a video camera was set up in the basement so we could see any flooding from Irma. We left for Grand Marais on Friday Sept 8th and packed everything into the Trend in our Murray KY storage shed.

Hurricane Irma

During the trip we got a signed offer with earnest funding for the Katy Leigh but after after a visit to the boat on Sept 7th the buyer bailed out due to the complications in his mind and cost of moving the boat to Lake Michigan. Irma hit Florida Sept 10th and although Nashville got lots of rain we had no flooding in our garage. In case of any more storms we put both our cars in the RV shed in Murray.

Grand Marais

It is 1,000 miles to Grand Marais from Nashville. We had good luck with all four campgrounds picked, driving 200-400 miles per day. Our first night was at Camp Lakewood in Effingham, IL on the I-57 bypass. I actually has a small lake. The next night was Blackhawk Valley. It is several miles off I-69 but as we had stayed there before (see photo). The third night was at Log Cabin Resort and Campground. It is right beside I-69 but I couldn’t find in on my Garmin gps and had selected Log Cabin Road rather than Lane. We drove 15 miles into the bush and found no campground at the end of the road. I was able to talk to the real Log Cabin and found how we were within 300 feet of the camp before we went off into the bush.  Once I got over the mistake on the gps we really enjoyed the place. Monday we drove 179 miles to Grand Marais. We went shopping Monday at our favorite art store in and bought a giclée print of birch trees infront of Lake Superior. Giclée is a fancy French name an artist came up with to describe an injet printed digital image. It worked on me and we now have another large picture for the bare walls in the condo. Monday night I gave a new talk on “Touring the 1000 Islands” to an interested group of 40 attendees. We enjoyed meeting our old and new friends. The best photo I took was with the panoramic feature of the iPhone 6s, of the gang on the beach (see photo). Click on it to see the amazing detail in every face. I toured a brand new Travata Class B and was very impressed with the design. If I needed a new RV that would be my choice.  Thursday we did the laundry and had lunch at the beautiful Naniboujou Lodge Restaurant 15 miles east of Grand Marais (see photo).The building dates back to the early 1900’s.

Grand Marais to Brockville

It’s another 1,000 miles from Grand Marais to Brockville. However, we saved 1,000 miles by not having to return to Nashville and then heading to Brockville. Once again we travelled 200 to 400 miles each day and spent 3 nights on the road. The first night was in Ishpeming, MI at the Country Village RV Park that had many very flat campsites and a movie theater beside the property. We showed up at 6:30 pm for the movie only to be told we would have to wait 2 hours for the movie we wanted to see. Can you guess why this happened? (Answer below). However, the theater had really good buttered popcorn which I ate as we walked back to the RV. Next day we crossed into Ontario at Sault Ste. Marie Our second night was at the city park at Thessalon on the shore of the North Channel of Lake Huron. We have stayed there at least twice before but the town seems to be losing businesses on the main street.  Tonight we are in Stonecliffe at Morning Mist Resort, a beautiful park with huge pine trees beside the Ottawa River.  It is a family business and one of the owners keeps his Cessna float plane here. You don’t see that very often. Today we arrived in Brockville and are back in Tall Ships Landing.

(Ishpeming is on Eastern Time).

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