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Tuesday, 3 October 2006
Day 16 Knoxville

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame In checking my course plan I found that I could attend the Knoxville Rotary Club at the Mariott Hotel. The hotel was just up the hill beside the marina so I decided to attend. The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame was beside the hotel so out of curiosity I visited the Hall before Rotary. It has been open since 1999 and is very well done given the topic. I had the entire Hall to myself and only when I was leaving did a mom and 2 kids show up. Womens Basket Ball is over 100 years old. The 70's Pontiac Limousine used to carry the All American Red Heads is on display along with all kinds of other memorabilia. In some exhibits you could listen to what famous coaches including Tennesses's famous Pat Summit says at half time to inspire her team. I took it easy on the boat all afternoon while Mavis visited the old town hoping to find real antique stores. She was disappointed.

Posted on 10/03/2006 7:26 PM by Bob Duthie
Tuesday, 3 October 2006
Day 15 Lenoir City to Knoxville

Knoxville mansions on the river We made our goal today; 602 miles, 15 days from Aurora KY to Knoxville. For 14 days we have bucked 1-2.5 mph current. Heading back we will travel as much as 67% faster with the engine going the same speed. The river today is lined for miles with hugh mansions on both sides (see photo). Most appear less than 10 years old. It is just like Florida without the palm trees. I heard on the radio that there is a movement to have TVA stop selling off public land which will put an end to the clear cutting and construction of these large homes along the river. We got to Knoxville at 2:00PM and tied up beside the 28 ft sailboat "True North" belonging to Tom and Patty. This couple hosted the America's Great Loop Cruisers Association meeting at Fairhope Alabama we attended in October 2003. They live in Pensacola came up the Tenn Tom in the spring and have been cruising both the Cumberland and Tennessee since then. We will have dinner with them tomorrow night at Calhoun's, a rib place right on the river near here. Tonight we had really good pizza at the Riverview restaurant which is very close to the marina. Tomorrow we will tour the Old Town and maybe even visit the very large Womens Basketball Hall of Fame. I am curious just to see what such a museum would be like.

Posted on 10/03/2006 1:53 AM by Bob Duthie
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