Friday, 13 September 2013
Grand Marais Fall Rally Day 1-3

On  Monday, Day 4, we headed out early, rounded the end of Lake Superior in Duluth and then headed north east on the scenic highway that runs right beside the lake. We stopped at 9:00AM at the Split Rock Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built on a high rock in 1910 and served as an aid to navigation with a fog horn and beacon until 1969.  It was made obsolete by the inventions of radar, loran, and GPS.  It is now a museum owned by the Minnesota Historical Society.  We took the tour of the lighthouse and watched the movie in the visitors center. By then it was already noon and we still had 60 miles to go to get to Grand Morais.  Arriving at 2:00PM we walked from our campsite to the Recreation Center where the meeting was well underway.  The speaker was an engineer from Winnebago that did an excellent job of managing the crowd with their many nit picking questions. The classic was the beds are too short for 6’-4” men.  I pointed out if they would get a B model like ours they would find each bunk bed is over 84” long.

In the evening I showed my Four Corners slide show to a packed house.

Tuesday I took a short walk along the stony beach to town and checked out the restaurants. Grand Marais is a community of artists and art schools. I got photos of a couple of them probably practicing. The rest of the day was devoted to tours of our groups Views and Navions. This is how you learn of all the neat ideas people have to make modifications. One idea is to use an electronic fish tank thermometer to measure the water temperature in the hot water tank. When it reaches 97 degrees it’s the right temperature for a shower so you don’t have to fool with the cold water tap, you just turn on the hot water. Not all the modifications I saw are really improvements.  Wednesday was the dreaded technical session which is very useful to new comers but after 5 rallys I have pretty well heard it all. I left after an hour when the experts were still talking about oil and diesel. Mavis and I then walked to town shopped at the galleries and had a really nice lunch at the Angry Trout Cafe. Thursday it was time to head for Duluth and on to Woodbury, MN.  In Duluth we stopped at the Glensheen Mansion, built by Chester and Clara Congdon in 1908. Chester was a lawyer and business man that became the richest man in Minnesota by buying up land and opening taconite mines. The house has 39 rooms and was built on the water.  During the tour of Glensheen I asked if there were any ghosts in the home. Ghost stories can help market home tours like this. The tour guide avoided the question completely. However, Mavis searched the Internet tonight and found there was a murder in the house of the Congton’s daughter and her nurse in 1977.  The daughter’s ghost has been sighted a number of times since.  We are now at the St Paul RV Park and visiting family.  This afternoon we drove to Stillwater with our son, Graham, had lunch at the Dock Café, and walked down the main street spending at least an hour in a very large antique store.  Stillwater is a beautiful town on the St. Croix River. 

Posted on 09/13/2013 7:50 PM by Bob Duthie
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