Thursday, 12 February 2015
Florida-Texas Coast Tour 2015 Feb 9-12

Freeport View/Navion Rally

We set out on the 10th for a 30 day trip to Florida and the Texas Coast hoping to make it to Big Bend National Park on the Rio Grande. The first 5 days we will be at the annual rally of View/Navion Motorhomes. Many like ours date back to 2006-7.  This Rally began in 2006 at Grayton Beach but moved to Freeport 4 years ago to Live Oak Landing RV Park. The park is on the North side of Choctawhatchee Bay in a sheltered swamp. It has small boat access to the Bay and Gulf of Mexico at Destin. This is now the 8th year for this rally and we enjoy meeting new members of the group and renewing friendships with the old timers. My newest gadget is a Garmin Vivofit bracelet which actually motivates me to get more exercise. Today I walked 2 miles round trip to a convenience store and put on 7354 steps many of which were going back and forth from the pavilion which is a long way from our campsite.  What surprised me was the number of new View/Navions.  However, it is because people are now having auto custom paint shops painting their faded gel coast with all new graphics. You now can't tell a 2006 from a 2015 by looking at it. One 2006 had been stored outside and calculated that the cost of storing it inside for 7 years was the same cost of having it painted after that time. Our 2007 has been stored inside and has a finish close to looking like new but the 2007 graphics. 


A new game was revealed tonight called Right-Left-Center. We played with 25 people on one long table. Each player puts down $3 on the table in front of them. You then roll 3 special dice which determine whether you give a dollar to the player on your right, left, or in the pot. Besides the 3 dots on the each dice there are 3 dots. When these come up you get to hang on to your money.  The game goes on until the last player with any money left wins to pot of $74. I was one player away from being the winner. It's alot of fun and doesn't take a long time to learn the rules.

Florida Home Bargain

On my hike to the convenience store I took this sad photo of a home that we saw 4 years ago and is still for sale by owner. You can still get cheap property in Florida.

Posted on 02/12/2015 8:50 PM by Bob Duthie
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