Sunday, 2 May 2004
Day 37 Sunday May 2 Colonial Beach

Alexander Bell houseFreddy was wrong. There was no signal on the end of the dock and up 3 steps. Today was a short 35 mile cruise to Colonial Beach. This town is a summer place and right out of the 50's with lots of little cottages. Alexander Bell spent summers here in the house in the photo. We walked about 4 miles to visit the downtown. There is a lot of damage here from Isabelle last fall. The marina (which advertises itself as a year round safe harbor) was wiped out by a fire two years ago with 55 boats lost, and again by the hurricane. There are many piles and docks that are not connected. One lone sailboat is being used to nest a family of ospreys. The restaurant has been restored and was very good. This is the first place Corin has been able to order raw oysters.

Posted on 05/02/2004 8:42 PM by Bob Duthie
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