Sunday, 12 September 2004
Day 11 Sunday September 12 Newport Marina

We planned to be in New York by Tuesday and here we are on Sunday at Newport Marina, part of a huge new development in Jersey City across from Manhattan. There is a mall nearby, high rise apartments, office buildings, etc.  However, the cable TV is broken and the boat is constantly rocking from passing boats on the Hudson River. The day was perfect for the outside run from Manasquan with only a few light clouds in the sky. There was almost no wind but large swells coming in from the east. It was rocky and once we entered the Hudson River the boats kept it rocking. As promised the river was closed for a boat race. The Coast Guard got pretty tired of people calling on their VHF radios to see why the river was closed. The answer to "how are we going to get to Chelsea Pier" was "wait till 4:00PM".  As it turned out the race was over by 3:00PM and the river was opened then for traffic again. Tomorrow my cousin Hugh is coming to see us on the boat. We will then go together to see his shop in Soho and have dinner there. Lat 40.73 Long 74.03

Posted on 09/12/2004 5:57 PM by Bob Duthie
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