Friday, 15 July 2005
Day 65 Friday July 15 Mississippi River

St. Louis ArchThis is the day we should have been back in Kenlake. However due to the 12 days spent fixing the transmission it was not possible. Today we got fuel, a pump out and headed down the Mississippi. There are two locks but we had almost no waiting because there is one lock for smaller boats and other beside it for the large tows. After the locks you fly past St Louis and the arch (see photo). Our destination was just 42 miles to Hoppies Marine at Kimmswick. This is the last place to tie up with power and water until Kentucky Lake. The next 2 or 3 nights will be on the hook. Hoppies Marine is a series of 4 barges tied together and with one anchor in the river. Mrs Hoppie was very helpful and gave us good advice on the rest of the trip. The river is predicted to drop 3 ft over the next couple of days. The Ohio is running high with water from Dennis so it may be slow going up. The current in the Mississippi picked up after the Missouri River joins. We were running at 12.5 mph; 3 mph faster than with no current. Tonight we have reservation at the Old House Steak House. It is in an 18th century log cabin with 3 teepees out front which are also available for dining. Lat 38.36 Long 90.36

Posted on 07/15/2005 10:39 PM by Bob Duthie
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