Monday, 18 July 2005
Day 68 Monday July 18 Completing the Great Loop

Completing the Great LoopAt 8:00PM Katy Leigh arrived at the Kenlake Marina dock completing the Great Loop. We left the anchorage on the Ohio at 5:45AM. The first lock on the Ohio was a breeze as the wickets were down and we just went over the dam. Lock 22, the second lock, was a different story. We were told to wait 20 minutes and that there was no need to anchor. We had to wait for a small tow to go down. It took almost 1 ? hours. It seems that two guys had just bought the tow boat and it stalled in the lock and it took quite a while to get it going again. Being new to the boat they were also extra slow at every move. It was early afternoon when we got to Paducah and headed up the Tennessee River. The alternate route up the Cumberland would take 3 hours longer so we gambled that the wait at Kentucky Dam would not be more than that and we could anchor under the I-24 bridge which I had done before in a different boat. At 3:00PM we arrived at Kentucky Dam and were told that we had a 2 hour wait as there were two tows ahead of us. We dropped the anchor just above the bridge and it held. When I looked back we were in danger of hitting the bridge so it was up anchor. We tried again upstream downstream, left bank, right bank but the anchor would not hold. We called the lockmaster and he suggested we tie to one of the mooring cells. Mavis got a line through the ring but the water was so turbulent around the cell that the stern swung around and almost hit. We had to drop the line and back off. That was it!! We headed downstream and the lockmaster came back and asked if we were leaving. I related our experiences and he said we could tie up to the lock wall and we would be taken up as soon as the tow boat went up. We would not have to wait for the second tow. We were out of the lock at 5:45PM and headed up Kentucky Lake. It was a beautiful evening and a great 23 mile cruise to end the loop. As the sun was setting (see photo) we dropped the mast and headed into the harbor for our new slip, #22 only to find it occupied. Billy ran out and tried to tell us where we should go but the bug man was foggy the docks with a noisy gas powered machine and we couldn?t hear anything. It seems that our slip was moved to #38 which is a better slip and right beside a 36? Marine Trader trawler; so Katy Leigh feels right a home. Billy, Kellie, and Russ were all there to greet us, helped us dock and took us aboard Billy?s boat to get out of the spider fog. It was great to be back!! Lat 36.76 Long 88.13

Posted on 07/18/2005 4:31 PM by Bob Duthie
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