Thursday, 28 September 2006
Day 11 Chattanooga

We used a weather day to stay in Chattanooga another day. The weather was unsettled all day with rain off and on. We climbed the mountain to the city 3 times today. The first time was to visit the north side of the river which has been restored with lots of shops, restaurants, and a carousel. We had breakfast there at a sandwich shop that bakes its own bread. I paid a dollar just to see the carousel run as there was no one around. However, the noise brought in a  number of people with kids and it then played steadily. We walked back had a rest and then set out to see the fresh water side of the aquarium. It now has a display of seahorses and some strange looking relatives of the seahorse called sea dragons. We were there 2 hours as there is much more to sea than in the salt water aquarium. The free electric shuttle bus took us downtown and we walked back through the art district. Mavis bought a little decorated box at one store. We ducked into a coffee shop when it started to rain. Then it was back down the hill to the boat. At 6:00 our friends Bob & Gail came for drinks and then we went to the 212  Market St restaurant for dinner. It was by far the best meal of the trip. The salmon was perfectly cooked and came with a great creamy sauce.  Bob and Gail just got back from Lake Tahoe where they were showing off their classic Chris Craft motor launch.

Posted on 09/28/2006 6:48 PM by Bob Duthie
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