Thursday, 22 January 2009
Day 11 Jan 22 Parker, AZ to La Quinta, CA

Our first stop was a McDonald's in Parker for a senior decaffe. I parked the View and walked to the building A crude sign on the door said the lobby was closed. I walked around to the drive in and the order window was closed but the delivery window was open. The clerk said they could only serve if I was in a vehicle. She took pity on me when I said I was in an RV and I got my coffee. She said the lobby was closed because they were short of staff. It was a first for me to find a McDonald’s closed. We crossed the Colorado River and found ourselves in a desert about 100 miles wide. A new kind of graffiti is used here on the bank of the railway track that runs beside the road (see photo).  Black stones are placed on the bank to form letters. Sometimes white stones are used to fill in the letters or images. There is no shortage of stones of either color in this desert. Descending on I-10  into Indio we could see the Salton Sea.  At the La Quinta campground we met up with our friends from Saltspring Island, BC., Bob and Judith. We will tour the area with them for the next week. The have a motorhome similar to ours and have been visiting this area for many years. It’s great to have a knowledgeable tour guide.

Posted on 01/22/2009 6:14 PM by Bob Duthie
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