Monday, 2 February 2009
Day 22 Feb 2 Fort Stockton to Austin, TX

We had dinner last night at the RV Park restaurant and watched the Superbowl on a TV in the room. It was a pretty exciting game to watch with a crowd. Today it was a 333 mile drive to Austin. We are in a campsite in the center of town. It seems to be occupied primarily by monthly residents. We got here late so we have not had time to look around. The main events today were a visit to Fredericksburg and a tour of the LBJ Ranch which is about 50 miles west of Austin. Fredericksburg is a well preserved German town with many art shops and 19th century limestone buildings. Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson’s 718 acre ranch was left to the government in 1965. President Johnson spent 25% of his time from 1963-69 at the ranch home known as Texas Whitehouse. The park provides visitors with an audio CD that you play while driving around. Then a ranger takes you on a tour of the house. The office is now open and complete with everything that was there in the 60’s except the shag rug. Lady Bird and the family wanted the parquet floor she installed to be shown instead. However, the rug is stored away in case its needed in the future. (See photo).

Posted on 02/02/2009 8:10 PM by Bob Duthie
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