Thursday, 28 July 2011
July 27 Day 26, Whittier, AK to Wasilla, AK

A trip to Alaska would not be complete without a visit to Sarah Palin's home town. I even got to the Wasilla Rotary Club. Not a word was spoken about Sarah by anyone we met today. Wasilla is a modern city looking just about like any other modern American city. The historic downtown is only a few buildings. Wasilla does have the largest Walmart Superstore we have ever seen. I saw a whole department devoted to selling cloth from bolts, sewing machines, etc. People here must make their own clothes as everything is so expensive.     

Our next stop after Rotary was the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry.  It looked just like our basement with lots of planes, trains, and automobiles scattered about. The car was a 1940's Nash Ambassador. The sign said it had been restored and donated to the museum. There was a 1917 wooden caboose built for the Alaska Railway. It held a crew of 5 with food for 5 days (see photo of interior). Tonight we are in a campground 50 miles north of Wasilla that has power, a single water hose, but no dump. The dump is 4 miles north and costs $15. Our Verizon Mifi provides email service but is times out on website access. 


Posted on 07/28/2011 3:48 AM by Bob Duthie
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