Thursday, 18 August 2011
Aug 17 Day 47 Tuesday Casselton, ND to Brainerd, MN

We spent the morning in Fargo, ND walking around downtown and then I went to the Radisson Hotel for the Fargo Rotary Club. Some members were impressed that we had come from Alaska and one wondered why we stopped in Fargo. When I said it was on the way and I had always wanted to visit after seeing the movie, Fargo. I learned that not a single frame of that movie was filmed in Fargo. The speaker was a state representative who has decided to retire and reported on what had been done in the last legislature. The major issue seemed to be funding the universities and the large number of universities in the state. She said like Tennessee they need to focus on paying for numbers of graduates not number of students. The smaller institutions should be left on their own to set their own fees. She also thought the state should invest in elearning and spend less on building facilities.. It was music to my ears. We drove about 130 miles from Fargo to Brainerd where we are staying with friends Gary and Susan. Gary and I worked together at Nortel in Minneapolis. Both of us left around the same time to start our own businesses. 

Posted on 08/18/2011 2:34 AM by Bob Duthie
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