Friday, 25 May 2012
May 24 Phelps, NY to Clayton, NY

1924 Elco Raised Deck Cruiser

Deck House looking aft Clayton was one of our favorite towns along the Great Loop and here we are again minus the Katy Leigh. We are still early in the season so it is not crowded. We parked at the Antique Boat Museum and walked downtown to Bella's Bistro for a late lunch on the deck overlooking the St. Lawrence River. It was excellent and I had the silk pie (silk=chocolate + whipped cream) for desert. I spent the afternoon at the boat museum and Mavis went shopping. The museum is better than ever with a neat new exhibit on canoes. Trunk Cabin 

I also spent time aboard a 1924 42 ft Elco raised deck cruiser with a trunk cabin aft and an enclosed deck house. It is a lot like our boat the Katy Leigh. The galley was in the v-berth where the servants were housed.

On the way up we took the coastal route along the eastern end of Lake Ontario. We stopped at Henderson Harbor and admired the fancy summer homes and gardens along the harbor road.  We received the great news tonight that the Eggner's Ferry Bridge knocked down by a large ship on January 26th will open Friday at 1:00PM just 4 months after the disaster.

Posted on 05/25/2012 12:50 AM by Bob Duthie
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