Tuesday, 2 October 2012
Sept 25-Oct 2 Trip to TrawlerFest, Baltimore, MD

We took I-71, 70 & 76 across Ohio and Pennsylvania with an overnight at Spring Valley Campground at Cambridge Ohio.

This is an excellent campground.  Our destination was Conshohocken, PA.  In case you have never heard of this town, it is a mainline suburb of Philadelphia.  

We spent two nights camping on the street beside our friends Corin and Brian's apartment. Touring gardens and eating in great restaurants were the major activities.  The Morris Arboretum was first. It has a unique garden and a beautiful 19thcentury fernery.

Garden Railway at Morris ArboretumFernery at Morris Arboretum

Thursday we toured a friend's private garden, followed by Chanticleer Garden with its vast array of different plants and two large homes.  We also spent time at Valley Forge National Park learning about the place where George Washington and his army camped for the winter of 1777.Friday, on our way to Baltimore, we stopped at Longwood Gardens, the home of Peirce du Pont with its enormous conservatory. One could spend a couple of days at Longwood, but we had to get to the boat show in Baltimore Harbor.  We were surprised to learn our friends from Key Biscayne, Susan and Greg were docked on their Krogen Whaleback at the harbor but on the other side from our parking space. We walked nearly 3 miles to get to their dock. A huge fund raiser with at least 1,000 people was being held on the dock. Greg guided us through security and the mob to the boat.  Greg is an expert on public transportation and told me about the free bus service, that goes all around downtown Baltimore.

George Washington Lived HereSaturday I gave my talk on the Great Loop to a crowd of 47 people and toured boats. That evening we had scheduled another trip around the harbor to Lighthouse Point to see Nashvillians, Bob & Julie, on their new sailboat, "Doc Holiday". We rode the free bus this time. Bob and Julie now spend 6 months in Baltimore and 6 months at home in Nashville. The cost of docking is about the same as Kentucky Lake, but they have a gym, underground parking, and access to 10's of great restaurants, entertainment, etc. all within walking distance from their dock. And they have the free buses. It is an 11 hour drive door to dock.  Bob has his office on the boat and works for a medical records company.  This lifestyle is well worth researching.  Sunday we headed back on I-81 to Nashville, stopping overnight at the really nice, quiet, Hungry Mother  State Park in Virginia.  Monday we were back to Nashville by 2:00PM. There is some work to be done on the View on Thursday and Friday we will return the unit to our shed in Murray KY.

Bob & Julie Live HereLongwood Lilly Pond

Private GardenBanana Trees at Chanticleer Garden

Posted on 10/02/2012 4:50 PM by Bob Duthie
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