Friday, 19 October 2012
Oct 16-19 Pebble Isle to Turtle Point Yacht Club

Chalk Bluff Chalk Bluff (really clay & sand) Every morning we leave at 8:00AM with Carried Away following. Soon we are passed by several other faster boats.  Our cruising speed keeps dropping as we approach Pickwick Dam due to the current there.  We went from 8.6 mph to 6.0 mph just before the dam.  The fast boats get several miles ahead then have to wait for a tow in the lock. When we get to the lock we just sail right in and the lockmaster closes the gates.  Lockmasters will always wait for the slow boats so they don't have to do another lockage which is work and wastes water as well as the energy in the water.  Tuesday night we stayed at Clifton Marina with 8 other looper boats. They have seen more loopers this year than ever before. One more sign the economy is improving. Marina owner Gene Anderson and I watched the debate on a big screen TV. Gene and I are pretty much on the same wave length as far as candidates. Wednesday night was at Grand Harbor Marina where even more boats were shoe-horned into the docks.  It was party night again with cocktails on the dock.  Thursday night we cruised to Florence Harbor arriving about 2:00PM in the middle of a fishing derby with 160 bass boats. Fred Myers (famous writer about the rivers) and Joanie who live in Florence picked us up about 4 and we went to their home. They have been in the same home 45 years  in a subdivision built  on a farm. Fred planted his own forest in the beginning and now the house is completely surrounded by tall trees. Dinner was at Ricatoni's Italian Grill. The name comes from the  two owners Rick and Tony.  It was really good!!  The place was jammed with people and a line into the street on a Thursday.  Mavis had pizza and I ate the spaghetti and meat balls. Tonight we are the only transient boat at the Turtle Creek Yacht Club.  It is quite windy and the dock is exposed so we are rocking and straining at the lines.  Tonight is the Brazilian Churrasco Barbeque Night with traditional barbeque served table side as the Gauchos roam the room with skewers of meats.  As long as you have a green marker on the table the Gauchos keep coming. A red flag says you have had enough.  Tomorrow our friends LeeAnne and Hui are driving here from Nashville and coming with us as we cruise to our final destination, Joe Wheeler State Park Marina.  They will get to experience one lockage on the way. Wilson Lock (mile 259) Formerly World's HIghest Single Lift Lock at 90 ft Waiting for the start at Florence Harbor Fishing Tournament Pickwick Lake Heading for Grand Harbor Marina 1830 Cherry Mansion in Savannah played a role during the civil war battle at Shiloh

Posted on 10/19/2012 8:00 PM by Bob Duthie
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