Thursday, 4 April 2013
Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 3-4 Gulfport MS

Today’s post has to start with apologies to our subscribers. If you enjoy reading your email announcements with almost nothing but  HTML gobble then go no further.  However, you can click on the title and go directly to the post on the website. I was just advised by ICG-Link that   is HTML for a non-breaking space. They got in there when I was trying to get the captions lined up under the photos. I hope ICG-Link will suggest another way to do captions.  The second apology is for readers of yesterday’s post which talked about the campsite Shady Grove Campground at Laurel.  The proper name was Sleepy Hollow RV Park a name that suggested a quiet place. My prediction was right; it was right beside a freeway with trucks running all night. It was in a hollow.  Last night we stayed at Paul B. Johnson State Park 10 miles south of Hattiesburg. This is a really fine campground surrounding a large reservoir. There are 125 sites with power. Ours was overlooking the lake on a concrete pad with power, water and sewer. The office has a lounge and they hope to have food service this summer. If you are over 65 it costs $14 per night. You can make reservations via ReserveAmerica. It was less than 60 miles to Gulfport. The road is like a roller coaster that must be travelling over ancient sand dunes.  Gulfport suffered major damage from hurricane Katrina because it was on the east side of the eye when the storm passed over. There are many vacant lots along the coast and the buildings downtown are mostly new. There is not much to do in Gulfport but one of the attractions listed in the state guidebook is the Busted Wrench Garage Museum and Gift Shop.  It’s really a car restoration business with room to keep the owners’ car collection and a souvenirs gift shop to give it some revenue as it is free to see the museum.  I talked to the owner for a while and he said if you expect to drive these old cars you have to own three, as two will always be in the shop being fixed. True to his word he had three 1960’s XKE Jags and three similar vintage Porches.  A couple of old wood Chris Craft launches were hanging from the ceiling. Much of his life he spent sailing and living on a 49 ft wooden ketch. He has spent the last year restoring an old 30 ft Class C motorhome. He and his cat plan to travel on it sometime soon for two months.  He is another example of a boater moving to a touring motorhome.











Top L-R:  The Busted Wrench Garage, Water over Bridge at Paul B. Johson State Park, Rolling Hills 30 miles north of Gulfport

Bottom L-R Three XKE Jags, Boats, Chrysler Imperial with lid up, Gulf and Ship Island RR Office downtown Gulfport




Posted on 04/04/2013 8:23 PM by bob duthie
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