Saturday, 6 April 2013
Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 5-6 in Gulfport MS






The Gulf Coast Yacht & Boat Show had to open a day late due to the 70 mph winds on Wednesday that blew down all the tents and signs. It was a mess but by working all night they managed to get it all back together and opened on Friday at 10:00AM. We got a place to park near our seminar tent inside the grounds. We were able to relax in the View in between shows. Our co-presenters were Captain Chris & Elise Caldwell. They give 3 talks per day and during the whole show will give 8 different talks on the boating life. They have to earn their living doing this whereas Mavis and I would starve doing this for a living. There were 35 chairs in the tent and attendance varied from 35+ to 6 depending on the time of day and content of the talks. My Great Loop talk drew about 30 people. Keeping in Touch attracted 8. There was lots of competition to be heard in the tent with the park’s constant country music, planes taking off, trucks going past, and people talking in the next exhibit. A sound system was brought in and that evened the score somewhat. We finished the day at 6:00PM and went to the Beach Boulevard Steamer for dinner. It’s an old restaurant that has survived many hurricanes. Dinner was very good. I had shrimp and Mavis went for oysters Rockefeller. This morning we got to our parking place early. My first talk is at 1:00PM but there is a chance to move some merchandize before Captain Chris starts at 11:00AM

Posted on 04/06/2013 9:43 AM by Bob Duthie
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