Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Utah Loop 2013 Day 23 Mineola, MO to Nashville, TN

We made it back home safely after a 495 mile drive. We made one stop at Eddy Creek Resort & Marina in Kentucky to visit with friends there. Mavis took the photo of the arch at St Louis from a side window. We crossed the Mississippi on I-64/55. We had dinner at McDonald’s and I tried the new Premium Wrap which was very good and better than a Big Mac. Our next trip is at the end of August where we head for Grand Marais on Lake Superior to attend a View/Navion rally and visit the grandkids in Woodbury, MN. Click here to start at the beginning of the Utah Loop.


The Utah loop was about 4,000 miles. We filled up with diesel 16 times using 249 gallons at a cost of $944. The average cost per gallon was $3.79. We averaged 16.1 mpg getting to and from Colorado doing 62 mph and fighting the wind most of the way. We averaged 18.1 mpg in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona where our speeds were slower.

Posted on 05/28/2013 8:51 PM by Bob Duthie
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