Saturday, 5 October 2013
Oct 5 Day 7 Stories from Decatur and the Guntersville Lock

How to Spend $36 to Visit Wal-Mart

There are two taxi companies listed in Google for the Alabama town of Decatur. We need to by ant traps badly as the tiny sugar ants were everywhere. Wal-Mart was 5 miles away so I called the first taxi company listed and arranged for an 8pm pickup at the marina. The driver was there at 7:45pm. Roger, Vebbie and I all jumped in and off we went. On the way we learned all about the boilers on the Delta Queen, as our driver used to work on that cruise ship and before then in the boiler room of an aircraft carrier. Then we learned that he was the owner of both taxi companies as well as the only driver, and that all calls went to his cell phone. It’s hard to believe there is only one taxi in a town of 56,000 people. He said he had another fare at 9:00pm and another at 9:30pm. Now we began to worry. Would we have to wait for 2 hours in Wal-Mart to get back to boat?  Walking 5 miles at night with no sidewalks was out of the question. We asked him to pick us up at 8:45pm. I shopped quickly and found a $2 ant trap and a few other items. I made it out the curb with others on time. No taxi; so I called and he said just 5 minutes more. Of course it took 15 minutes more but he did show up leaving his 9:00PM fare waiting. The total cost was $36. 

Sad Sight

At the Guntersville Lock I looked up at a strange object hanging from one of the light standards. Binoculars showed it was a dead eagle that had dove down to catch a fish that was already caught on a line and lure. It must have flown up with its catch, but then got the line caught around the arm of the light standard.

Beautiful Mountains of North East Alabama

This was a long day cruising 73 miles. Leaving at 7:30AM we didn’t arrive at Goose Pond Marina until 6:00PM. Once you get to Huntsville the area becomes mountainous and a great setting for the wide Tennessee River. The photos tell the story.

The Docks at Goose Pond Marina

Getting into the first dock was pretty exciting. You have to cross a vast field of milfoil weeds. A weed cutting machine has cut a channel but the growth of weeds on the bottom confuses depth sounders. Mine read -2.0 ft. and Roger’s just quit altogether.  The real bottom is probably 10 ft. down.  

The second dock was the Dock Restaurant where we all had the shrimp and grits. I had them there before in 2006 and this time they were even better. The Dock is the best marina restaurant on the Tennessee River. 

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Posted on 10/05/2013 10:15 PM by Bob Duthie
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