Sunday, 20 October 2013
Oct 20 Day 22 Fog and the Delta Mariner



We had to delay our departure due to thick fog. At 9:00 it had lifted and it was sunny with blue sky. But then as happens frequently the fog closed in on the river and was so thick at one point I couldn’t see Hattitude 500 ft. in front of us.  We slowed right down and used the AIS, radar, chart-plotter, and our eyes to navigate.  Then as always the fog was gone.

Lady Finger Bluff

Fred Myers writes about this bluff in the Tennessee River Chartbook. The buff is at mile 130.2. He says’ “Legend has it that in pioneer days, a lady chose to leap to her death from this bluff rather than be caught by attacking Indians.”


Delta Mariner

Checking the AIS around mile 135 I discovered the Delta Mariner was approaching us. The Delta Mariner is the infamous cargo ship that knocked down the US-68 Eggers Ferry Bridge near Kenlake Marina in January 2012. This time it was approaching the US-212 Alvin C. York bridge.  You may remember we saw it cruising downstream on Day 1.  Now it was on its way back to Huntsville presumably to pick up another load of rockets. We got an up-front view as it passed by. Remarkably it made very little wake. It passed under the bridge without a problem.

Pebble Isle Marina

Tonight we had dinner at the marina. They had spent the day smoking baby back ribs.  I had a taste of Vebbie’s and they were really good.  Since they only had one half left the rest of us had hamburgers and the salad bar. 

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Posted on 10/20/2013 7:08 AM by Bob Duthie
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