Sunday, 31 August 2014
Ilwaco-Aberdeen & Back Pacific Coast Tour Aug 30

Oyster Beds

The original plan for today was to drive north to Kalaloch  in Olympic National Park and back to Ilwaco.  At 282 miles round trip that seem like a long drive so I settled on Aberdeen, WA a distance of 136 miles up and back. We did see some interesting things. The bird was on the street in Aberdeen. We went past oyster beds which were flooded when the tide was in and mud flats when the tide went out. At south bend there were flat sculptures of animals and people which at a distance looked like the real thing. They were everywhere and probably the work of one man. The internet at the KOA is very unreliable so we stopped at Aberdeen for a while with 5 bars on Verizon and completed yesterday's post.


Crab Pot

On our return trip we stopped in Long Beach at the Crab Shack for lunch. I figured any place that has been in business since 1945 must be doing something right. We were not disappointed and had cod fish and chips that compared with the best we have ever had. As I write this Mavis is out shopping and I am enjoying getting my work done. Tomorrow we head east.  

Posted on 08/31/2014 6:36 PM by Bob Duthie
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